Posted Jan 13th, 2011 (7:07 pm) by Alex Gordon
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Meet Range Rover, three teens from San Diego who make heavy and fuzzed-out guitar music that brings something new to the genre.

It'd be a lie to call this anything besides lo-fi, but these songs manage to do something new with that sound. On "Mind," the distorted guitars and off-key vocals draw you into a sort of head-bopping hypnosis. "Soda" is decisively more upbeat and showcases what they can bring to the lo-fi genre. Here, Rover succeeds in letting the gaps in the rhythm highlight other instruments in the song. It sounds like a cousin to No Age, using simple structures wrapped in fuzz to find poetry in the noise.

You will hear about these guys again.

You can download these songs for free here. Range Rover is working on a full length debut. More details on that release when they're out there.

*Photograph by Kevin Longwell.

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