Posted Feb 22nd, 2011 (4:22 pm) by Alex Gordon
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This month, Brooklyn rap duo Rocky Business dropped a mixtape called White People Are Drug Dealers Too and with it, a single called "Kim Kardashian." Today, they released their first full-length, A Rebel's Roar. They make party hip-hop and they're good at it.

Rocky Business is the duo of Strictly Business (MC) and Johnny On The Rocks (musician/vocalist/producer), who create "an original blend of rock, hip-hop and electronic sounds that break genre distinctions, leaving you with pure musical energy."

On White People Are Drug Dealers Too, "Kim Kardashian" is joined by tracks like "Heath Ledger," "Janis Joplin" and, for some reason, "Chloe Sevigny." Here's what they had to say about it:

"We are all addicts of a substance beyond our control. In today’s consumer driven society, addiction goes beyond drug abuse. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, and Natalie Portman are addicted to fame; but who’s the fueling the addiction? Is it the fans? The media? An innate trait? Regardless of who’s supplying, fame can be just as deadly as an overdose. For all we know, you could be the supplier…because White People Are Drug Dealers Too."

That's pretty heavy. Cultural indictments aside, Rocky Business is well worth listening to. They make a hectic blend of numb-gummed party hip-hop that some might take as ironic hipster bullsneeze, but if you don't read too much into it, you will enjoy it. Watch this video.

A Rebel's Roar dropped today on Babygrande. For those turned off by the celebricentric lyrics on White People..., give A Rebel's Roar a chance; it is thoroughly more cohesive and well-worth checking out.

Download White People Are Drug Dealers Too here for free.

For Rocky Business fans in New York, the duo has a busy day tomorrow and you might want to catch up with them at some point. At 7pm, they're playing Best Buy in Union Square and later, they got a nice lineup for the release party at Mercury Lounge.

More details when they're out there.

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