Posted Dec 9th, 2010 (11:46 pm) by Alex Gordon

Check out this remix of Depressed Button’s single “Ow!” by French producer Para One.

Para One does his best to chill out the frenetic giddiness of the original, adding a sort of building narrative to the groove which extends the song a good minute. The original is a sharply energetic track, punctuated by the incessant “ow”s that sound like cartoon baby elephants sighing while atonal rhythms drive the song forward. Para One is smart to leave these trademark squeaks in his remix, but the loyalty to the original turns the two tracks into mutually satisfying alternatives of the same song.

Depressed Buttons is the sideproject of the indie-synth group The Faint. “Ow!” is from QWERTY, which dropped yesterday on Mad Decent Records.

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