Posted Apr 22nd, 2011 (1:17 pm) by Alex Gordon

Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Noah Wall brings his minimalist electronica and an affinity for John Lennon to his upcoming album, Hèloïse.

This is the first we've heard from Wall, though he's put out a few albums previously under the radar. What we've heard are three beautiful, simplistic tunes that waver between guitars and familiar synth tricks. "Mind Games" is the first single from Hèloïse and at first, seems like your run-of-the-mill electro jerk-off. But it's not. "Mind Games" gains momentum through each verse and has a sort of brassy, inarticulate appeal to it. Though Wall is singing the lyrics to Lennon's "Mind Games," the song has a really unique and fresh take on that classic. In fact, it's barely recognizable as a cover.

Speaking of which, another track from Hèloïse is "One At A Time," which I couldn't decipher whether it was derived from another of Lennon's songs from Mind Games, "One Day At A Time." But it's cool and goes to clarify what type of musician Wall is; together, these songs are cohesive and help us understand his identity as an artist. Listen to a few tracks below.

Hèloïse is due out on June 1st. Until then, you can name your own price for these three tracks at his bandcamp. All the money goes to aid relief efforts in Japan. Get on it.

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