Posted Mar 18th, 2011 (11:27 am) by Alex Gordon
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Here's a high energy remix for your weekend woes: Discoforgia's trancified version of Amanda Palmer's "Map Of Tasmania."

We've heard a few remixes from the Italian producer Arcade Discoforgia before and they set a high standard (particularly his versions of OK GO, The Ting Tings, Sleigh Bells). On "Map of Tasmania," Discoforgia maintains Palmer's quirky edge but turns whats left into a full throttle house banger, highlighted by overdriven drum samples similar to what you might find on an old Nine Inch Nails album. Pretty energetic to say the least.

"Map of Tasmania" is the third track from Palmer's most recent record Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under (check out our review here). Listen/download the remix below.

*Photograph by Beth Hommel

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