Posted Apr 13th, 2011 (1:41 pm) by Alex Gordon
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The solo artist known as Unouomedude gives us a taste of his Frequency 7" release that's due out next week. Think bright, half-sloppy guitar songs for summertime (not Wavves, no).

Our first look at Unouomedude (real name is Uno, you-know) is "Frequency," an unabashedly sunshine drenched punknish song where Uno piles on guitars and off-tune vocals for a beautifully quirky effect. Bands like Wavves and No Age might come to mind off the bat, but Uno separates himself by exploring realms far outside lo-fi or punk with a hand of subtlety that doesn't come easy. For example, the B-side "Frequency II" finds the single broken down, leaving only his self-harmonized vocals and a laid-back, understated blanket of instruments. Lots of folks like putting out alternate versions of their songs (a heavy one turned mellow, a sad one turned smiley), but here, Uno shows off his ability to create two mutually valid versions of one song.

If anything, the biggest criticism for Frequency 7" is that it's only two songs. You can check out those tracks on his Bandcamp, as well as songs from his 2010 EP Marsh.

You can listen to these tracks below. Plus, keep an eye out for Frequency 7" due out next week on Old Flame. Check back in for more from Unouomedude (Oh I think I get it now, you-know-you-owe-me-dude). You will hear from him again on IYS.

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