Posted Dec 22nd, 2010 (3:29 pm) by Alex Gordon

"Cannibal Resource" gets covered by Yellow Ostrich.

"Cannibal Resource" is the opening song off The Dirty Projectors' 2009 record, Bitte Orca. Though replete with the group's trademark yelping yodels and off-kilter time signatures, the song is one of the more accessible tracks in the DP canon. But in general, The Dirty Projectors' have such a quirky and abrasive style that sometimes their unique execution of a song overshadows the songwriting. So what's left when you strip away the layers of flamboyant abnormality?

If you're asking Yellow Ostrich, actually quite a bit. Yellow Ostrich is an experimental indie band from New York and on this cover, they succeed in preserving the more interesting and pleasing aspects of the original while cutting the stuff that some might find needlessly weird. It's a great song, but fans of the original might not like the cover as much. And vice versa.

In October, Yellow Ostrich released The Mistress on Afternoon Records. You can name your own price and download it here. They are a really cool band worth keeping an eye on, for fans of this song and some of the more tame from The Dirty Projectors.

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