Posted Feb 8th, 2011 (2:47 pm) by Ross Condit
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Never heard of David Kanaga? Neither had we, before our research. He’s a computer musician/composer/singer from Eugene, OR who took the opportunity to reach out, and send us a few tracks so we figured what the hell, and took a listen. Check out all the details on our findings about this unique musician after the break!

It’s a mixed bag. His composition and musical arrangements are damn interesting, and quite good. His vocals aren’t as good, and are all over the place, but they're not totally out of place with the music. David composes in multiple genres of music from an African vibe, electropop, to a Beach House cover.

We love hearing new artists at IYS, so give David a listen, and check out a couple of tracks below. If you liked this, David keeps an MP3 blog, where he releases EPs and individual tracks.

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