Posted Jan 14th, 2011 (3:45 pm) by Ross Condit
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Rarely does the album art of a new record actually give you a flavor of the music contained within the slick packaging. “Can’t judge a book (or music) by its cover” and all that. In the case of Way Yes’ Walkability the album art says it all.

Glenn Davis and Travis Hall have made a sticky hot mess of a record that mixes a sometimes chirpy, island-attuned musical style with oddball vocals and goofy lyrics. The disc addresses everything from death of loved ones and breakups of lovers to the daily grind of someone's routine. The instrumentation is kept sparse and layered with Afro/island dance rhythms to keep the musical tone light. As Travis Hall explains “I think we both like to keep music ‘light’ if that makes sense . . . We just want the music to naturally make people feel good.”

The Walkability EP is due out January 25 (although the music is probably better suited to a summer style). Check out a couple tracks below, and review Way Yes’ bandcamp page for more.

Walkability Track Listing

1. Walkability
2. Important
3. Singing
4. Gino
5. Ties

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