Posted Nov 29th, 2010 (2:14 pm) by Ross Condit

Valleys’ dream trance new EP, Stoner, is three tracks of goodness. Hot on the heels of their debut LP, Sometimes Water Kills People, this new EP has Matilda Perks and Marc St. Louis back with mesmerizing vocals, haunting hooks, and innovative studio production.

The shadows of their sound engulf the aural space you’re in. If a friend were to describe to you Ben & Jerry’s chocolate ice cream as having a “great mouth feel” to it, then Stoner is the audio equivalent with “great ear feel.” The Valleys shred musical barriers to create a style of their own.

Moody, captivating, light and dark – both at once, Stoner might be thought of as psychedelic, indie folk, experimental, really, it defies categorization as it’s all those and more. Call it what you will, but the aptly named Stoner, is hopefully a taste of things to come. You can check out the Stoner EP for yourself via theValleys’ Bandcamp site.

Stoner EP:

1. The Cold Cold Skinny
2, Ordinary Dream
3. Ten Thousand Hours

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