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Uniform Motion
Uniform Motion
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Uniform Motion’s third studio album, One Frame Per Second, is thoughtful, reflective, and sublimely sentimental. It’s low key folk well suited for snowy indoor days.

While One Frame Per Second tells the story of Uniform Motion’s mythical “Little Knight,” and his quest to rescue his lovely princess. It’s reminiscent of all of days of youth, playing with swords and thrusting at paper dragons, giants, or maybe windmills. Rescuing our own princesses, and setting sail for distant lands . . . if only in our imaginations.

In this tale, Little Knight’s princess is taken by a forty foot tall giant. Little Knight tracks him down on his island home, where the giant is loathed for tormenting the native islanders. Little Knight attacks, loses, vows to keep fighting. It’s the story of the struggle within all of us to find the intestinal fortitude to keep fighting in the face of adversity, and how we must all forge ahead, often overwhelming odds.

It’s the story of fame. Little Knight finds that his struggle against the giant has caused the islanders to become his fan club. They follow him everywhere. Knight flees to a mountain, where he encounters the devil. The devil offers him magical powers and weapons to kill the giant in exchange for Knight’s soul. An offer he eagerly accepts.

When Knight returns to the island, he discovers that the devil has tricked him, as devils will do. The islanders have been inspired by their hero, and they’ve attacked the giant en masse, defeated him, and bound him with chains by the time Little Knight has returned. Knight also learns that the giant freed the Princess several days ago. Unfortunately, he’s blindfolded her, put her in a boat, and set her adrift on the sea. What will Little Knight do?

Uniform Motion is an illustrated indie-folk band that combines music with visual arts. The project started out in 2008 when Andy Richards (guitars and vocals) and Renaud Forestie (illustrations, backing vocals) got together to make art. The duo published a series of music video episodes every couple of weeks that included a song, a video, and an interactive comic strip that illustrated the song and lyrics. The two founders were soon joined by Olivier Piotte (Drums, backing vocals and gadgets) as the project’s popularity grew and they realized that they’d have to play live shows. Now, four years later, comes this terrific album.

Uniform Motion’s One Frame Per Second is nostalgic genius, full of rich folk/pop hooks, and easily competitive with any of the modern progenitors of that sound. Do yourself a favor, check it out at their bandcamp page. You’ll love it!

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