Posted Sep 19th, 2012 (12:25 pm) by Ross Condit
South City Sushi Cop
South City Sushi Cop

Melbourn, Australia’s South City Sushi Cop is the ambient/techno duo of Hamish Lang, and Daniel Neeve. You can forgive yourselves if you’ve never heard of them, as their first EP, Bad Blocks has just been released.

Are they the new “it” electro band? Probably not, but they are pretty damn good. Bad Blocks combines several great dance tracks with an atmospheric vibe that keeps the album upbeat while giving it a certain tenseness all at the same time. It’s a tremendously solid combo.

There’s a great flow to it, and tracks one through four serve nicely as their own club set. This set takes an interesting interlude on track five, “Seven Fields of Sigh,” which is a slow, trippy, psych track that you’d swear they wrote stoned.

These guys are just making their way around the music blogosphere, and adding a little bit of wasabi to the techno genre. Check out the wondeful, "Jade Mountain," and the triptastic "Seven Fields of Sigh" above. Expect some great buzz, and more goodness from the South City Sushi Cop lads.

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