Posted Jan 13th, 2011 (5:45 pm) by Ross Condit
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Ruby Coast just dropped a new track on us from their outstanding LP, Whatever This Is. “Liza Liza” juxtaposes upbeat music with a lyric that kicks off with, “Well you got the worst none of this was suppose to hurt” and ends with “here's to the nights and a passion dead oh, Liza Liza.” That, in a nutshell, is the song for you.

This truly is one of our favorite indie bands to come out in the past few years. Both Whatever This Is and their new teaser EP, B-Sides, are masterful high-energy pop, punctuated by clever lyrics, a tremendous garagey guitar sound, vibro synths, and energetic drumming. It’s a sound on the edge of being polished yet raw and fresh at the same time. They’ve been working with some pretty slick producers (Dave Monks, Howard Bilerman, and Brian Paulson), but they’ve maintained that edgy fresh sound. Slick producers take note – don’t clean Ruby Coast up too much.

Since releasing their debut EP, Projectable Collections, the just released Whatever This Is and the surprising B-Sides, Ruby Coast has maintained a hectic recording and touring schedule. We’re looking forward to catching this band live.

"Liza Liza" is below. We dropped in one from B-Sides for your taste buds to tangle with, too.

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