Posted Mar 30th, 2013 (7:43 am) by Ross Condit
The Pyramid Ship
The Pyramid Ship
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I have a serious hard-on for these guys! The Carshalton, UK rock/psych/blues duo of John Hogg & Charlie Morton really tear it up in the same way The Kills, White Stripes, early, less produced Black Keys, or The Dead Weather (I know, they’re not a duo) do.

Listening to The Pyramid Ship with your speakers turned up is like listening to a well produced garage band. It’s gritty, fresh, down and dirty, make you wanna strip down to your unmentionables and thrash around kind of music. John Hogg’s edgy bluesy guitar shreds, and Jack White/Jimi Hendrix inspired riffs and vocals are at the forefront of the sound. Charlie Morton adds the backbone on drums, which he throws a beating to like he would a mugger who just robbed his grandma.

The music is pure, almost lo-fi. No synth tricks, no vocal washing, no overuse of reverb, just a grand rock n’ roll adventure. That’s pretty rare these days. They’ve only got four songs out so far. Three of the four are noteworthy; “Break it Up” wasn’t my favorite and felt like they were trying to hard to be a different band. All in all, this band crushes it, keep it. Keep an eye out for them!

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