Posted Sep 12th, 2011 (11:55 am) by Ross Condit
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Imagine your brain on drugs, amp it up a bit, picture yourself looking through the offspring of a Kaleidoscope and a Rorschach test, and you’re getting close. The new Ewan MacLeod directed video for “As Far As I can See,” from Phantogram, is dizzying to say the least. The song can be found on 2010’s Eyelid Movies, so that explains the dream-like quality. It’s trademark Phantogram, with their electro loops, Sarah’s longingly haunted vocals, and shoegaze/psych-pop cool.

You’d swear these guys were from Copenhagen, wouldn’t you? But no, Saratoga Springs, NY’s Phantogram (orinally called “Charlie Everywhere”) consists of longtime friends (since jr. high), Josh Carter on guitars, and Sarah Barthel who sings & plays keys. They artfully blend synths, drum machines, with Josh’s live guitar, keyboards, and Sarah’s hauntingly gorgeous vocals.

“As Far As I can See” is one of my favorite tracks from Eyelid Movies. I know what you’re thinking . . . “C’mon, when are these guys going to put out a NEW album?” Well, your prayers are about to be answered. They’ve been playing some new material on the road, are just wrapping up the final mixes, and should be releasing a new EP this month. Check out the “As Far As I can See” video below, and visit their sites for more info, news, and tunes.

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