Posted May 22nd, 2012 (8:34 am) by Ross Condit
Mumford & Sons and Birdy
Mumford & Sons and Birdy

Mumford & Sons just announced that they’ve collaborated with Brit pop/folk songstress, Birdy (“Skinny Love” “1901”) a new track, “Learn Me Right,” that will be featured in Disney/Pixar’s upcoming film, Brave.

The animated movie tells the story of Merida, an adventurous girl from the ancient Scottish highlands who has a touch of the tomboy in her and would rather hunt and shoot her bow than get married. The story’s conflict is setup when she learns that her mother has different ideas for her life path, like getting married. Don’t do it, Merida! The track is emotionally charged and comes at the movie’s emotional climax.

Mumford frontman Marcus said: "It's quite fun doing a song for a movie rather than for an album. We liked the idea of having an orchestra in the background and having a girl like Birdy sing - it's been quite liberating." I wonder if it takes Marcus back to the not so distant Laura Marling days.

“Learn Me Right” sounds like a winner! Look for it, and the rest of the Brave soundtrack

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