Posted Feb 9th, 2013 (7:52 pm) by Ross Condit
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Malmö (via Bollnäs), Sweden’s, MF/MB/ are a kickin’ rock band from the land of ABBA. Their music has echoes of Biffy Clyro, Midnight Oil, and the Sex Pistols. Their recent single set, called "Casualities,” was just dropped fro their up-coming sophomore album, Colossus which is due out in the U.S. and the rest of the world (except Sweden) on March 1st.

MF/MB/ may be fairly new to the states, but they’ve actually been doing this for about seven years. The band started life as a collection of eight wayward 17 year olds (now six twenty-somethings - Victor Nilsson, Erik Nilsson, Christine Björk, Kristoffer Bäckström, Sebastian Hedberg, Joakim Lindberg), playing Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem covers. They’ve since progressed to doing both remixes of other artists, and original rockers.

According to lyricist, and singer, Victor Nilsson, the “Casualties” track is “a rather cynical tale of naive and youthful love. It's about all the dreams that are born in euphoria and die just as quickly.” The B-side, “Drums along the Mohawk” is equally as good. Although, it doesn’t quite match “Casualties” in style, it does in intensity. The track features vocalist and ex-Dipper frontman, Jocke Leksell in a guest appearance. “Drums” is a “Casualties” single exclusive, and won’t be found on the album, so if you love it, snatch it up now.

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