Posted Sep 11th, 2012 (11:55 am) by Ross Condit
Clones of the Queen
Clones of the Queen
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Clones of the Queen is a trio out of Honolulu, Hawaii. You don’t hear of too many bands from Hawaii, but this electronic three-piece makes me wonder why.

Fronted by Ara Laylo on vocals, the band includes Paul Bajcar (guitar), Matthew McVickar (electronics). They got together in 2009, and after a series of nighttime jams in a hot old bank vault, they began playing shows. As it turns out, their brand of experimental, ambient music was a hit with the locals.

Wonder where they got that whack name? My money was on a science fiction adventure of some sort, but it’s actually more science than fiction. “Clones of the Queen” is taken from the ant species “Mycocepurus smithii,” in which every individual ant is a genetic duplicate of the queen. Talk about inbreeding!

They just released their second album, Braided, on July 31. The album is available as a free download from Clones of the Queen’s Bandcamp page, or for a mere $5, you can get a hand-assembled, hand-numbered white paper slipcase with beautiful CD artwork and an artist/title/tracklist sticker on the back designed by Ara and Matthew. Have a listen to the wonderful track, :Braided” above, and let us know what you think.

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