Posted Jan 30th, 2013 (12:39 pm) by Ross Condit
Death & Vanilla
Death & Vanilla
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Death And Vanilla is the Malmö, Sweden duo of Marleen Nilsson and Anders Hansson. If you find their music haunting, you’re onto something. D&V are known for creating “dark, arcane popsongs.” Their initial recordings were laid down during the fall of 2007 in an attic that overlooked Malmö’s largest and oldest graveyard.

The sound is in between Phantogram and The Ravonettes, with Nilsson’s vocals driving the vibe. Their music is heavy on samples, with reverb, and vibraphone colliding with minor chords and ghostly echoes. Their self-titled debut-album is nine tracks of psychedelic infused, chilled out, electro pop. The band took its influences from French and Italian soundtracks and 1960 French pop.

Death And Vanilla’s latest efforts, the new tracks, "From Above" and "Lux", will be released on too cool for school square-shaped red vinyl. A mere 400 hand-numbered copies will be set free, so dig in quickly, they’ll go fast.

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