Posted Aug 2nd, 2011 (3:32 pm) by Ross Condit
A Lull - Pot Luck

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Another winner from A Lull. Imagine if Beck fronted the band Sigur Rós, and stole Peter Gabriel’s African beats from “Rhythm of the Heat” and you’re on the way to digging the sound.

A Lull is in phenomenal company with “Pot Luck”. The track is lyrically simple, even repetitive (more robust lyrics might have enhanced the track), but the lyrics combine that with primal, driving rhythms and unique ambient noises for a stand out tune.

Chicago's A Lull comprises five multi-instrumentalists whose experimental music blurs the lines between the synthesized and the organic. The result is finely crafted, experimental, electro indie pop. This five-piece began when the former bands of Nigel Dennis and Todd Miller broke up in 2008, leading the two off on their own journey of musical discovery. The duo lured Mike Brown home from his Boston gig, and they got to work. The trio was then joined by Ashwin Deepankar and Aaron Vincel to complete the band.

“Pot Luck” can be found on the soon-to-be-released, Confetti Reprise EP. The EP mashes together layers of guitars, bass, electronics and vocals with lots of joyous drum-banging (not to mention some trashbag-rustling and glass bottle-throwing). Check out the links at the right for more great tracks, and info on A Lull.

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