Posted Apr 14th, 2011 (5:11 pm) by Ross Condit
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If the opening seconds of Locksley’s “The Whip” don’t have you singing along like a fool, and if you’re not on your feet dancing by about the 15 second mark - see your doctor, you might be dead and not know it! Mad zombie love aside, “The Whip” is a 3-minute party. Crushing beat, shredtastic guitar riffs, great vocals and decent lyrics make this a standout on the self-titled, Locksley (due out July 12th), an album replete with highlights.

Locksley describes themselves as a “4 piece self-released swing-doo-wop-pop-rock band from Madison Wisconsin” (but, they now call NYC home). You get a flavor for the bits of swing, doo-wop, and punk. If you’ve never heard the band, think of a slightly poppier version of the Strokes. Terrific harmonies, calls and responses, maybe a little Beatles-esque as well with a heavy guitar based indie-pop sound and a seriously driving bassline and beat. The band is Jesse Laz (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Kai Kennedy (lead guitar, vocals), Jordan Laz (bass, vocals), and Sam Bair (drums).

This band’s music has been included in every form of media from movies and TV to Xbox Rock Band since kicking it off in 2003. “The Whip” is available for download on iTunes, and if it's any indication of the album (based on Be in Love, the new disc should be one of the most consistently catchy, fantastic albums of the year.

These cats are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands that I can sit & listen to for hours. Look for their new self-titled album due out July 12th. Check out more on the band, support them, buy their album – links to the right!

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