Posted Dec 18th, 2012 (10:49 am) by Ross Condit
Lindsay Lowend
Lindsay Lowend
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Lindsay Lowend (AKA Antonio Luis Mendez), a bedroom pop/electro producer from Washington, D.C. is queuing up some of the finest, chill tracks out there.

Mendez’s vaguely '80s vibe, the use of multiple synth layers, hand claps, deliciously interspersed vocals, and accenting drum machines is a pathway to success. Lowend is Mendez’s side project from his regular gig, “Ghetto Funk” (disco, funk, glitch, and dub-step all mashed up) outfit, Dads on Display, that he undertakes with fellow producer Jonah. Both are young (only 18 or 19) college students who are jazz trained musicians.

The contrast between Mendez’s altar ego, Lindsay Lowend, and his music with Dads couldn’t be bigger. Where Dads spices things up with a disco/glitch flair, Lowend is chillwave bedroom pop. Both endeavors are outstanding, and well worth a listen.

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