Posted Mar 29th, 2012 (4:30 pm) by Ross Condit
Kindlewood - Give and Take

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Kindlewood is a band on the move, and it’s all on the way up. I’d put these guys solidly in the indie folk revival column, alongside great artists like Noah & the Whale, Laura Marling, Fleet Foxes (Kelci Smith is singer/guitarist J. Tillman’s sister), and Mumford & Sons.

On their new single, “Give and Take” Kelci’s dreamlike, nuanced vocals carry the day. The virtuosic guitar that Kindlewood has also become known for shines once again in this bright, joyously upbeat song (what? Folk doesn’t have to be depressing). Joking aside, this really is a gorgeous tune. As Kelci puts it; the song is about; “holding on to your passions, and core beliefs, but being willing to change and expand. It's about that balance. It takes more than one mind and more than one heart to make a difference and live in peace with each other.”

I’ve loved this band’s vibe and sound ever since hearing them for the first time last summer when I reviewed their 2011 “WAMMY” (Best Contemporary Folk Recording of 2011) nominated debut album, Desiderium. “Give & Take,” is their follow-up to that disc and a pre-cursor to their upcoming album.

Kelci is backed by her husband, Galen (guitars), and friend, Jamison Lyman (guitars and a few others). Galen and Jamison’s technical proficiency on the guitar provide the perfect background for the trio’s songwriting inspiration. The band incorporates other instrumentation such as the ukulele, Shruti box, glockenspiel, cello, harmonica and more. Kindlewood began as a duo when Kelci and Galen Smith began dating in high school – the music came later. They soon added new friend and multi-instrumentalist, Jamison Lyman (who they met while playing a gig at a Borders Bookstore), to round out their rich sound.

“Give & Take” will be officially available digitally on April 24th and as a limited edition 7” vinyl featuring a B Side exclusive - the unedited acoustic version of “Mon Ami” beginning Friday, April 20th at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA. The cover art packaging features a hand made collage created by artist Lydia Jane. Kindlewood is currently writing and recording the follow up to their great album, Desiderium, that’ll be out later this year. We can’t wait!

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