Posted Jun 19th, 2012 (10:13 am) by Ross Condit

Holy Fuck’s main dude, Brian Borcherdt has been kickin’ it without the rest of the gang of late (sort of anyway). His new gig, Dusted, is putting out some great new tunes, in advance of the new disc, Total Dust, that’s set to drop on July 10th.

Their latest single "Property Lines", features guest appearances by Brian’s Holy Fuck bandmates, Graham Walsh, Matt McQuaid and Brad Kilpatrick. Borcherdt teamed up with producer Leon Taheny and began recording in a converted garage. Fueled in part by the constraints of the garage, and by fact that Dusted is a two piece at its core, Total Dust, takes on a minimalist quality.

It’s hollow, atmospheric melodies, and fuzzed out guitars work with the pared down drums, and at times, barely there bassline. If Neil Young played with My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, this would be their creation.

Look for Total Dust on July 10 in digital, CD, and a limited-edition 180 gram maroon-colored vinyl platter.

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