Posted Jan 5th, 2012 (5:54 pm) by Ross Condit
Flux Pavillion and Doctor P. - Superbad
Flux Pavillion and Doctor P. - Superbad
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It’s 1976 London, and “Mob rule is part of everyday life.” This can not stand as Flux and Doctor P. kick it as graphic novel avengers in the latest bit of awesome from Flux.

“Superbad” (the song) is straight up 70’s mojo with updated, Flux style, fuzzed out “wah-wa-waaaaahh” melody lines, insane 70’s porn-flick bass, hooked up horns, and comic book “crash,” “fhwack,” “crack!” make this a winner.

Flux Pavillion (AKA Josh Steele) is a London DJ/producer who is one of the biggest names in the dubstep world. In addition to being a great producer/DJ, he’s also a talented musician, singer, and now label exec. Flux founded his label, Circus Records, with fellow producer and star of “Superbad,” Doctor P. (AKA Shaun Brockhurst). The good doctor is a madman in his own right. He’s created remixes for Britney Spears, Plan B., and 12th Planet as well as having dropped several original tracks.

Check out the outstanding, funny vid. It’ll sit well with you, “know what I mean?”

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