Posted Apr 4th, 2011 (11:46 am) by Ross Condit
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How many good rock bands find their way over the Sierra Mountains and out of “The Biggest Little City in the World” hubbub of Reno, NV? Not too many. Rock band Fa Fa Fa is on its way. Not quite out, but they're making the break.

They just released their debut album, What Made Those Holes and Rents in March. Produced and recorded by Howard Bilerman (Wolf Parade, British Sea Power, and Arcade Fire), it’s an incredibly solid first effort. The album opens with a bang on “Camden,” and continues with stand outs, such as the “Goodbye Horses”, "Le Ciel 74”, “Great Ocean Explorer,” and the excellent “Palisade,” who’s driving bass-line crushes. Mixed in parts like “Horns for Horns” was an oddball rant against horns for horn’s sake in a song (I think), and “Prelude” which is slow and cacophonous, but the more I listened to it, the more I heard promise with a slightly different musical take.

These guys are dead ringers for such '80s bands as OMD and Psychedelic Furs, and maybe a little like Talking Heads on some songs. Maybe not so coincidentally, the band’s name is taken from the Talking Heads song “Psycho Killer” (“FaFaFaFaaaaaa run run awaaaaayyyy”). The band started up in 2009 when Julian Chang (vocals, guitars, keys), Jordan Morrison (vocals & /guitars), Matt Davidson (bass), and Elliott Olson (drums) got together. Tiffany King (synths, samples & percussion) recently joined the band. While Julian and Jordan do most of the writing, it’s a group effort for the musical arrangement and writing.

Fa Fa Fa is a promising band, and one to watch. Check out their album at their BandCamp site, and get more info. on the band (links are to the right).

What Made Those Holes and Rents Track Listing

1. Camden
2. Roy Stampler
3. Goodbye Horses
4. Le Ciel '74
5. (Prelude)
6. Palisade
7. What Made Those Holes and Rents
8. Horns for Horns
9. Great Ocean Explorer
10. Give the Lie to

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