Posted Sep 15th, 2011 (1:28 pm) by Ross Condit
Cheyenne Marie Mize
Cheyenne Marie Mize
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So many things happening on Cheyennne Marie Mize’s first single "Wishing Well" from her new EP, We Don’t Need, but that’s what made it interesting. The seems like it could have leapt from the libretto of Porgy & Bess. It’s parts jazz, blues, show-tune, part folk, and part spiritual revival, with the best part being Cheyenne’s voice. The lyricism isn’t horribly strong, but her musicianship (she’s a multi-instrumentalist who plays fiddle, keys, drums, guitar, and more) makes up for it.

Cheyenne got her first exposure outside of her native Louisville, KY by playing with such notables as Bonnie “Prince” Billy (who she’s recorded several songs with), Ben Sollee, and Daniel Martin (all part of the Louisville/Lexington music scene). 2010 saw the appearance of her debut LP, Before Lately, and her naming by NPR as a top ten “Discoveries at SXSW 2011.”

We Don’t Need is due out on November 8th, and will be available on 10" vinyl and digital download. Have a listen to the opening song, “Wishing Well,” below. I think we’ll be hearing much more from this talented songstress.

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