Posted Oct 12th, 2012 (2:04 pm) by Ross Condit
Dolfish - Grownups

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We’ve reviewed Dolfish (Max Sollisch) a number of times, and the variety of his work is pretty deep. His music is typically wonderful, full of great hooks, with an edgy feel to much of it. His new track “Grownups” is a departure in some ways.

“Grownups” is a stripped down echo-y acoustic number that’s frayed around the edges. The lyrics are raw (his often are), and if you’re looking for Sollisch’s emotions you need look no further than his sleeve. Contrast these wonderful, bare lyrics, and the gorgeous musical track with Sollisch’s voice. He comes across as somewhat nasally, and at times, a bit whiney. In re-listening to many of his other tracks, the same voice has been there, it’s just blended differently on the majority of his other, grittier tracks, and with better results.

Max Sollisch is 23-year-old Cleveland born songwriter. His December debut EP, Your Love is Bummin' Me Out was very well a received, crushingly well written break-up album. His forthcoming LP, I'd Rather Disappear Than Stay the Same is due out on October 30.

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