Posted Jan 7th, 2013 (8:15 am) by Ross Condit

Wolfe. is 16 year old producer, Stephen Edwards, from Colorado Springs, CO. He’s a young, talented producer who crafts pretty exquisite chillwave.

While Wolfe. just kicked things off in 2012, he’s already dropped his debut EP, iamwolfe., released last November on Purr Tapes, is loaded with hooks and a theme that reads exactly like it should, the life of a 16 year old male. With song titles like “Drugs,” “Apathy,” odes to lost love like “Don’t Need U,” and “Sleep,” Wolfe. makes his pitch to the listener.

Is the album an A+? Probably not, but it’s a solid B+, and considering that 1) the kid is only 16, and 2) it’s his first EP, my grading should be on a scale that at least moves him into A territory. Stay tuned for more from Edwards, as he tells IYS that he’s already got plans in the works for a self-released EP in early 2013 for both the Wolfe. project, and his other gig, Dreamghost.

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