Posted Dec 16th, 2011 (9:01 pm) by Ross Condit
The Bloody Beetroots
The Bloody Beetroots
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The “Church of Noise” video from Bloody Beetroots starts off like a triumphant, joyous, coming together of the masses. The intro is reminiscent of U2’s opening riff for “Where the Streets Have No Name,” but at about the one minute mark, that shifts into an ultra high energy thrash metal dance fest. By the time Bob Rifo breaks into the only intelligible lyrics (other than “Church of Noise”) of the song, the dance party is at a frenzy.

"Sellout or sell, that's the choices that we get
They tell us that it's useless to even fight back
It only takes five fingers to form a fist
It only takes one thought to rise up and resist
It only takes a sound to change the beaten path
It only takes love and courage to take it all back"

I don’t know what’s up with the Black Venom masks either, but it is comical.

Italy’s The Bloody Beetroots are a metal/electro/dance trio that began in 2006 as a duo with producer Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, and Dennis Lyxzén. The twosome became a threesome during their 2010 tour when Edward Grinch joined on drums. He’s since been replaced by, Jacopo Battaglia. Bloody Beetroots are somewhat of a cult favorite, but have had limited commercial success with 2008’s Cornelius, hitting the International Top 100 on iTunes.

This is a fairly uncomplicated, and damn fun vid to watch. Catch it below.

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