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3MPIR3 §†Å†3 is the first full length disc from BL§§D ØU†. The nine-track disc is due to hit the e-shelves on Feb. 1, 2011 with a limited 500 disc pressing. With several other new discs due out in early February 2011, it's going to be a big month!

BL§§D ØU†’s new collection of songs was recorded at and inspired by the gritty environment of urban decay that was once known as the Market Hotel in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. BL§§D ØU†’s Alex Winter describes the scene; “across the street, there’s a methadone clinic. There isn’t much light and its cold. Even with the windows closed you can hear Hot 97 (a NYC hip hop/R&B station) playing out of the stereos of cars stopped at the intersection, and the sounds of the subway - a mere 10 feet away from the building.”

There’s a distinct lack of words on “Empire State,” but it tells a sonic story with the narrative starting on the opening track, “Amber Alert.” The disc is difficult to pigeonhole. Chillwave, maybe a little “new-agey,” but in a good way. It’s an interesting set of music to be sure.

The visuals with “Empire State” are as important as the sound. Alex designed the cover and insert, and hand-picked the people he wanted to mastermind the videos. Mario Zoots (Modern Witch) did a video for “Rhinoceropolis” (which does not appear on the record), Cermonial Dagger did a vid for “Spnnrs,” Sterling Crispin is doing the video for “//myrtle//wyckoff//.”

The songs were all produced and recorded by Alex Winter and Sasha Winn. Phoebe Pritchett, Pink Priest, and Raw Moans also contributed.

Watch for several BL§§D ØU† collaborations in 2011 with Ritualz, How I Quit Crack, and Modern Witch.

Empire State Track Listing

1. ÅMB3R ÅL3R†
2. WHI†3 ÅN†L3R
3. §PNNR§
5. †DF
6. †RØP FÅN 3DI†
8. RU§H
9. //MYR†L3//WYCKØFF//

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