Posted Dec 8th, 2010 (5:14 pm) by Ross Condit

The Babies are getting ready for a big 2011! They’re ending 2010 in yule tide style too, with their gift to you – the new single, “Run Me Over,” from their Feb. 8, 2011 schedule release of their self-titled LP.

The Babies are the serendipitous merge of Vivian Girls’ singer/guitar guru, Cassie Ramone and Woods’ bassist, Kevin Morby. They decided to launch a new band when Morby moved into Woods’ small Brooklyn apartment. They reminisced about the “old days” of sweaty loft shows before their bands began playing bigger venues, with longer tours. Both went back on tour, and the idea faded . . . for a time.

The next winter, during a break in their schedule Morby and Ramone twisted dummer, Justin Sullivan’s rubber arm, began playing some fresh tunes, The Babies were born in March 2009 as a three-piece. They hooked up with Nathan Stark on bass, and the full lineup was hatched – although in fits and spurts, whenever they all happened to be in town.

The Babies, were together long enough to make one great album. They’ll be touring in support of that disc on the West Coast in January, where they’ll be temporarily relocating to for the winter to write their second record, Then they’re kickin’ it “European Vacation” style for spring, 2011 tour.

The Babies 2011 Tour Dates w/White Fence
Jan 5 - Seattle, WA @ TBA
Jan 6 - Portland, OR @ Rotture
Jan 7 - Reno, NV @ Holland Show Space
Jan 8 - Sacramento, CA @ TBA
Jan 9 - San Francisco, CA @ The Hemlock
Jan 10 - Oakland, CA @ TBA

The Babies Track Listing
1. Run Me Over
2. Sunset
3. All Things Come To Pass
4. Voice Like Thunder
5. Meet Me In The City
6. Personality
7. Breakin' The Law
8. Sick Kid
9. Wild 1
10. Wild 2
11. Caroline

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