Posted May 28th, 2010 (2:54 pm) by Monica Gardner

If your ears are craving hip-hop, you’ll love today’s tracks. We have five MP3s that will satisfy that need and four more for variety. Whether you want to hear the genius produced by different artists coming together, you feel the need to reacquaint yourself with Arcade Fire, or you want to know what’s new with Black Sheep, you’ve gotta hear these tracks!

Flying Lotus
Always looking for the perfect “Building Pyramids” theme song? Look no further. Only Flying Lotus could make forced manual labor look like a choreographed dance. Apparently in all the excitement with the release of Cosmogramma about a month ago, this little snippet got left on a shelf somewhere. Yesterday, Flying Lotus Tweeted “I forgot to give you this…” Thus, we have the video below.

God Help the Girl
This spirited ditty produced by Belle and Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch will definitely make you want to sing along. “Baby You’re Blind” is the newest single from the multi-media project. It is complete with a newly minted version of “A Down and Dusky Blonde,” You may remember the original from their self-titled album. Oh, and that smoky voice belongs to Linnea Jönsson of Those Dancing Days.

Terrible Things
They may claim that “this is not a revolution,” but it sure seems like it when you combine Fred Mascherino (of Taking Back Sunday), Josh Eppard (Coheed & Cambria), and Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit) into a sing-along style background and dramatic rock build up. The band is on tour now, working their way in a spiral through North America. They also know a good cause when they see it. In order to support the dying market of independent record stores, they offered a free 7” vinyl on April 17th to celebrate Record Store Day. If you missed it, you missed out!

Black Sheep
In a tribute to the fact that great minds think alike, this track showcases collaboration. It features several different artists taking turns in the spotlight framed by a catchy hook. “Birds of a Feather” includes members of De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, and Black Sheep in a reunion track from upcoming album From the Black Pool of Genius. Out on June 29th, it will be the first album from the flexible group since 2006’s 8WM/Novakane.

Arcade Fire
While “The Suburbs” is like a marching theme for men who sing falsetto, “Month of May” respectfully means business. The tracks are from Arcade Fire’s latest single, which has been officially released, though they gave us a teaser preview on their website beforehand. Their full-length The Suburbs won’t be released until August 2nd.

True to Madvillian nature, this track is anything but typical hip-hop. With gritty overtones, no choruses, and elusive lyrics, “Papermill” follows the lead of previously released albums. Madvillian released critically acclaimed Madvillainy in 2004 and a remixed version in 2008. Though working on a second album, no news yet on when it will be released.

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band
It must be something about never having sunshine. Being from Seattle, no one should be surprised that the band is a little quirky. They gain most of their attention from music-less youtube videos in the form of public service announcements and their drummer is only 14-years-old. Nonetheless, their odd ways of building hype work and they do pump out some good indie pop.

Doey Rock
This harp-ridden jam, raps about hard times on “Sunset Strip.” Through hardships, though, the ear-friendly track provides a mantra for anyone in these hard economic times: “All I need is sunshine in my life. Better days gon come …” South Sacramento native Doey Rock a.k.a. Mean Doe Green gave us this blog-loved track – with the help of Raekwon - from his next album. Mind Candy drops on June 15th.

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