Posted May 29th, 2010 (3:06 pm) by David Findlay

Vampire Weekend is fast becoming one of the most beloved and popular bands in the world. Their sophomore album, Contra, has managed to encapsulate all things 'hip' in the world of popular music, and we are all bloomin' well loving it. Everyone loves to delve into a world of far-left creativity from time to time, picking up bootleg records that are only $50 because the band had one song which inspired Radiohead to create the Kid A/Amnesiac saga, but now and again a bit of good old fashioned, simplistic pop energy goes a long way. This burgeoning enjoyment and appreciation for the New York group is further exemplified in their latest video for new single, "Holiday."

The video features a barrage of visual comedies, and continues to show off the band's obvious increase in financial backing from their label. The quartet dress up in overly overt and splendidly flamboyant aristocratical gear, then pursue an obstacle course of high-class over indulgence. The flick premiered on MTV and is sure to be a mainstay feature on the many video channels in coming weeks.

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