Posted Aug 20th, 2010 (12:13 pm) by David Findlay

Personal Life will be The Thermals fifth LP and is scheduled for a September 7th release. As the due date approaches, we have been rewarded a brand new video and a download for the premiere single from the upcoming LP, titled "I Don't Believe You". The trio were previously signed to the mighty Sub Pop label based out of Seattle, however, since 2009, the group have found new lodgings in the form of Kill Rock Stars, sharing quarters with bands like Xiu Xui and Deerhoof. Check out the new video after the jump.

The short was directed by Whitey McConnaughy who has teamed up with The Gossip and Band Of Horses in the past, and features a balk standard set of sequences for your average pop-punk music video; side performance piece from the group coupled with a single person storyline involving a rather annoyed young woman. Don't forget to grab your free download down below!

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