Posted May 21st, 2010 (2:42 pm) by David Findlay

For those of you who take notice of bands we portray as being most exciting on the continental side of The Atlantic may have seen, one of the most mysterious and brilliant happenings within British music right now revolves around the exploits of revolutionary and unsigned heavy pop act World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation, aka Wu Lyf. We say they are unsigned; however, the band have made point of making it clear that they don't want to be signed, at least right now. And well, that's the only point the group has made clear to anyone (besides friends) thus far. Nobody really knows anything about them. Well, IYS would like to shed some light on a few points that may interest anyone who is following this mysterious band of future revolutionaries. Read on for the juicy, exclusive gossip.

IYS has been in touch with sources close to the band, and we can reveal a few facts about the group, which until now have only been speculated upon. We all know that the band has been turning record label reps away at their gigs, and that practically everyone wants them on their roster; however, nobody actually knows if an offer has been made. We'd like to confirm that yes, there have been offers made. And we hear that a retainer was in place from at least one record company which would have seen the band inheriting something close to a seven figure sum, upon signing the dotted line. The band rejected this offer and any other they may have had.

IYS has also learned that band will be recording something, whether it be an EP or an LP, in Spain, rather than the UK. Whether or not this will be funded by a company or off their own backs we don't know, but it seems it will be happening - in fact may be happening right now. And finally, it seems that there are in fact four core members who make the musical element of the goup/band/cult, but artists and friends who help arrange, promote, and generally keep an eye on the band are usually photographed with them - hence the confusion.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is no ordinary band. We are excited beyond belief at the prospect of a release, even if it remains a mystery release. We can confirm that the information supplied above was from a source who has contact with the group, but who knows, the information itself may be part of the big wheel that the band seems to be crafting so so well.

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