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There’s a new trend in DJing—trolling the audience.

Scenario: You’re at an EDM show. You’re dancing. The DJs start to build up the momentum of the song, raising the pitch of their synths, washing out the beat in pulsating waves of sky-scraping treble. Your hands follow those around you, upward and waving. You’re anticipating The Inevitable Drop. But then…

Notice the crowd’s confusion at 0:06. The audience is suspended in a flash of light for two or three beats as their bodies catch up with the speed of sound. Instead of wobbly bass and half-tempo breaks, the smarm and cheese of the ‘83 hit “True” by Spandau Ballet pours from the speakers.

Australian electro-pranksters Mashd N Kutcher, featured above, are not the first in this trend. This viral video has roots stretching back to last fall when Canada’s Adventure Club transitioned from DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What” into what some are calling “the Spandau Drop.” Think of it as rickrolling in real-time.

EPIC Adventure Club Troll

Posted by Your EDM Collection on Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fan reactions have been at both ends of the spectrum, with many defenders loving the Improv-Everywhere-ness of it all, while detractors are left feeling, well, tricked into listening to lame new wave while they’ve got a buzz on. After a fan whined on Mashd N Kutcher’s Facebook page that “People come to turn up not get trolled on,” the duo irreverently asked “Are you going to be okay?”

Even Spandau Ballet themselves are commenting on the trend. They recently stated that it's “great to see the original making a comeback on dance floors around the world,” referring first to the song having been sampled so many times since its release and, ironically or not, calling it “the ultimate last dance song.” Whether or not they get the joke is up for debate.

A re-creation of the Spandau Drop in its original incarnation has been released as a free download by DJ Mallon. Grab yours here and punk your friends today!

Written by: Joe Michon-Huneau

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