Posted Aug 17th, 2015 (2:35 pm) by Staff
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Another week, another problem for Birdman. This time, he's on the line for at least $200k.

Not content with being involved in a plot to murder Lil' Wayne, Birdman recently decided to start withholding payments from Cash Money's producers.

According to text messages released by TMZ earlier today, one of Lil' Wayne's producers recently demanded Birdman pay the $200k he had presumably been owed since the release of Tha Carter IV. Birdman being the upstanding label exec he is, responded to DVLP (nee Bigram John Zayas) much like your cousin who has owed you that $200 since last summer.

- "I'm getting yu paid"
- "Shits GETTIN done"
- "I'm working with yu fam"
- "you gone get tht 200K"

In other words, "Shits [NOT] GETTIN done."

As of this week, DVLP did what any other sane professional would do, and filed suit against Birdman and Cash Money Records. This new lawsuit comes on the heels of Lil' Wayne's $50 million dollar suit against the label head for the delay of The Carter V.

Cash Money indeed. Someone get this man a reality TV show.

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