Posted Aug 29th, 2015 (3:11 pm) by Katie Antonsson

It feels like Donald Trump is the modern Hydra: every time you chop off a loud-mouthed head, three more grow back, and they never stop spewing garbage.

The GOP candidate has been, well, vocal about the Latin community and after his ridiculous and heated altercation with Jorge Ramos on August 25, the music community is speaking out and biting back. Ricky Martin quickly wrote up an op-ed for Univision, seconded by Puerto Rican rapper Wisin, and reinforced by sharp tweets from Marc Anthony:

Now the Latin Recording Academy has stepped forward, with CEO Gabriel Abaroa Jr. releasing a statement against Trump:

As a U.S.-based organization representing thousands of creators involved in the making of Latin music throughout the world, The Latin Recording Academy does not insert itself into the political arena unless to elevate key music issues impacting the quality of life and cultural condition of its members. Given the continued discriminatory statements made by Mr. Donald Trump, The Latin Recording Academy issues the following statement on behalf of President/CEO Gabriel Abaroa Jr.

“Whether you’re talking about Mexico, South America, Central America, Spain or Portugal, Latin culture has been so beautifully intertwined into American culture that it is almost imperceptible to recognize the benefits of that integration. Nonetheless, we should not take for granted the countless contributions Latinos make to American culture. Given his recent statements, Mr. Trump needs a respectful reminder of that fact. This denial of Latino contributions and the division it will create cannot be tolerated, and we appeal to Mr. Trump to discontinue his affront on the millions of Latinos who have helped make America the great nation it is. Just as music brings people together, so, too, should those who aim to lead us.”

Out of all of the presidential candidates, Trump is the last one who needs more publicity, but such sweeping and carefully considered statements from public figures and institutions could hopefully help the Trump fever die down (and die out). With any luck, we won't have to listen to his bullshit much longer.

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