Posted Aug 24th, 2015 (1:28 pm) by Katie Antonsson

It’s another glorious day in hip-hop, kiddos -- 50 Cent and French Montana are in a sweet beef about vodka.

Let’s lay this down really quick so we know what’s going on. 50 Cent has been pushing his own brand of booze, Effen Vodka, for a while now, closing pretty much every Instagram and Twitter post with #EFFENVODKA. He's posting up a storm while he's at it, throwing up some thoroughly staged publicity photos to try to get the word out about Effen. Meanwhile, French Montana -- who’s under Diddy’s label, Bad Boy -- has been pushing Diddy’s Ciroc.

So we’ve got competing vodkas and some hot-headed rappers. Got the picture?

Things escalated when DJ Spinking – who, oddly enough, promotes Effen in his IG bio – posted a video of French riffing on Effen, saying "Shout out to Effen vodka. This shit kind of watered down, but I love it." A mere six hours later, 50 reposted the video saying "puffy tried to set him up."

French got just a little upset and fired back with a video of him dumping a whole box full of Effen in the trash. "This is how I feel about your bullshit."

50 took the high road, though. In response, he called French out, joking that Diddy had called French in a rage, saying he’d better do something about his quasi-endorsement of Effen.

50 took it one step further, though, as the expert in all things beef, by posting a meme of French along with a photo Diddy posted just yesterday that 50 finds hilarious (but, I mean, who wouldn’t? Look at how grainy that thing is.)

Last night was the latest from the two. French posted a video of himself dissing Effen and 50 onstage.

Ever since, it’s been quiet on the front, but we can pretty much count on a response from 50 within a couple hours, wouldn’t you say? I mean, after we got over 50’s whole bankruptcy thing, he’s gotta stay relevant somehow. Besides, there’s nothing like watching two grown men act like kids. We just might crack open a bottle of Ciroc and see how this whole thing shakes down in the end.

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