Posted Jul 31st, 2015 (12:31 pm) by Tommy Tsao
Draper photo
Draper photo
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There’s no record label in dance music that pushes the envelope the way Monstercat does. The renowned dance imprint is forward-thinking and edgy when it comes to their releases, making Draper’s newest track, “On You,” the perfect offering for the Vancouver-based label.

Draper developed a love for production early on. Unlike typical 16-year-old teenagers, music had always piqued Draper’s interest in more ways than one; he went on to learn the ins and outs of production, giving him a solid foundation to build his musical career. “On You” is the culmination of years of work for Draper, as his various influences shine through and come together to deliver a stunning product. Alby Hobbs’ soulful vocals swim in a pool of dreamy synth melodies while Draper works his magic with soaring bass accents and subtle percussion arrangements.

With huge talent and a great record label behind him, the future is bright for Draper, so keep an eye out.

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