Posted Aug 26th, 2015 (8:51 pm) by Addison Herron-Wheeler
Tyler, the Creator Live
Tyler, the Creator Live

Tyler, The Creator is no stranger to controversy, but now an entire country has banned him for offensive lyricisms.

Yes, that's right; Tyler just revealed why he mysteriously cancelled his Ireland and UK dates for his upcoming tour. According to a recent Tumblr statement by his manager, Christian Clancy:

"Tyler has been banned from entering the UK for somewhere between 3 to 5 years per a letter from the secretary of state for the home department of the united kingdom [sic]. The letter specifically cites lyrics he wrote 6-7 years ago for his albums bastard and goblin – the type of lyrics he hasn't written since… Highlights from the letter include that his work 'encourages violence and intolerance of homosexuality' and 'fosters hatred with views thats seek to provoke others to terrorist acts..' i grew up on NWA, eminem and rage against the machine, so its hard to me to fully wrap my head this thought process and its implications."

Three to five years is a considerable length of time for this rising star not to be seen on the other side of the pond. Clancy points out that Tyler has never had any negative incidents when he visited the UK - so far this is only based on the fact that he has inflammatory lyrics.

Tyler extrapolated on these claims with his own responses via twitter:

This isn't the first time Tyler has been banned from playing somewhere - he had to cancel his Australian tour due to pressures from a feminist group, Collective Shout, for - wait for it - inflammatory lyrics.

Tyler certainly has a way with words, and his lyrics about women and the gay community are nothing but derogatory. With that said, this response is rather draconian, even for the birth place of 1984. How Tyler will respond to this in the coming months with his lyrics, and whether this will affect his career long term, remain to be seen.

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