Posted Aug 20th, 2015 (11:29 am) by Addison Herron-Wheeler
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As it turns out, the man brought on stage for crying at the Colorado Foo Fighters concert wasn't getting all weepy over their music.

We reported a few days ago that Dave Grohl brought a drunk fan up on stage at a Foo Fighters concert and serenaded him. Well, it looks like the whole internet got it wrong. This dude was sober, not drunk, and was crying because he recently buried his mother, and the song brought up some feels for him.

The crying man, whose real name is Anthony, called in to the radio station KBCO to share his side of the story.

"My mom died about six months ago," he told the station. "And I just got back from Europe putting her in her crypt, which is a crazy whole story in its own. He just started singing it and…I felt all emo. What I hated was that he was like, 'Oh, that drunk guy.' I was dead sober. I don’t drink. I might have had a little Colorado green, but I’m not a drinker."

"I was trying to hide from him," he added. "I was like, 'I’m not coming up.' I actually try to stay under the radar, but that doesn’t happen in my world." He also shared that he did not know the words to "Hero" by heart and was nervous about being put on the spot.

For just about any other musician, this would have ended with Anthony lambasting Grohl and talking about what a jerk he was for claiming he was drunk. Not to mention making fun of him while he cried because his mother died, and forcing him on stage and assuming it was the music that brought him to tears. But Grohl can apparently do no wrong, even when it comes to this, and has once again won over a fan with his general sweet personality.

"What a cool man he was, a super-cool dude," Anthony stated, regardless of his embarrassing incident.

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