Posted Aug 25th, 2015 (3:41 am) by Addison Herron-Wheeler

From the out-of-control rock star or rapper to the innocent victim of police brutality, we’ve all had at least one favorite musician who has been arrested.

Celebrity arrests are always big news and usually notable, either because it's an excuse to showcase how arrests can be unfair, or because it is a chance to look at a celebrity being absolutely ridiculous and out of control. From recent headlines to classic criminal charges, here are some of the most ridiculous musician arrests throughout history.

1. Wiz Khalifa's Recent Airport Arrest

We just reported on the recent arrest of everybody's favorite weed-themed rapper at the LAX airport because he didn’t want to get off his hover board. While on the surface the headline screams out for some kind of parody – after all, Wiz Khalifa didn’t want to get off his hover board – this is another case of police brutality gone too far. Although Wiz appeared calm during the arrest and didn’t try to resist, he still got forcefully handled and hassled by the police.

3 cops yell stop resisting. Only thing to do is let em know. I'm not resisting, I'm doin what I want.

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2. Puddle Of Mudd Singer Leads Cops On Car Chase

Just last month, the lead singer of turn-of-the-century alt-rock darlings Puddle of Mudd, Wesley Scantlin, lead a police officer in Minnesota on an actual car chase before pulling off to the side of the road. Apparently, Scantlin was drunk as well, and received a DWI after blowing well over the legal limit. He was also arrested in 2013 for vandalizing his neighbor’s house with a buzz saw. This just goes to show how boring it is to make a ton of money quickly and then have your band fade into obscurity – you have to find all kinds of crazy ways to entertain yourself.

3. Chuck Berry Arrested For Human Trafficking

Well not quite, but back in '59 Chuck Berry was arrested for transporting a young woman across the border "for illegal purposes." The girl was a minor, a fact Berry claims he didn’t know. This could have been a case of racist laws back in the day trying to keep Berry down, or he could have known the girl was underage and just not cared because he was a rock star. Whatever the case, these charges apparently left Barry more serious and changed for the better.

4. Gaahl Of Gorgoroth Arrested For Torture

Black metal musicians are infamous for getting arrested, and back in 2005, Gaahl, the vocalist for Norweigan band Gorgoroth, was sentenced to fourteen months in prison. Allegedly, he beat up a 41-year-old man at a party, tortured him, and threatened to drink his blood. What makes this case even stranger? Gaahl claims he doesn’t remember anything about his crimes, and he’s also a vegetarian.

5. Ozzy Osbourne Arrested For Urinating On The Alamo

Ozzy has done some pretty wild stuff – he's bitten the head off a bat and a dove, and he helped start the terrible trend of celebrities with their own reality TV shows. He also got arrested in 1982 in Texas for peeing on the famous war statue at the Alamo. Before you get all up in arms about national pride, remember that he couldn’t help it – Ozzy was drunk, of course, probably on a bender, and he’s British, so, not knowing the battle’s history, he probably thought it was just a rock.

6. Fat Joe Arrested For Tax Evasion

In one of the largest instances of irony ever, rapper Fat Joe was arrested in 2013 for not paying his income tax, even though the icon has twice been sought out as a murder "witness" in the past, and was arrested in 1998 for assault. Despite all the real-life violence and the tough-guy rapping, what finally brought Fat Joe down was his failure to properly comply with tax law.

7. Foxy Brown Was Arrested For Attacking Her Manicurists

There are a lot of cases of rappers getting brought in on assault charges from one beef or another, but female rap star Foxy Brown takes the cake with her attack on her manicurists in D.C. This attack violated her parole and caused her to be sent to prison. If only they could have gotten her nails right, so much trouble could have been saved!

8. Vocalist Of Lamb Of God Charged With Manslaughter

Randy Blythe, the singer of Lamb of God, had the metal world reeling in 2013 when he was charged with manslaughter. Long story short, a fan jumped on stage during a show in the Czech Republic, and Blythe pushed him off, annoyed at the fact that security wasn’t doing their job in keeping crowd surfers away. The young man died, and as such, Blythe went on trial for manslaughter. Thankfully this was recognized as an accident and Blythe was acquitted, but this definitely goes down in history as one of the weirdest and most unfortunate accidents in metal history.

9. Rick James Arrested For Torturing A Woman

In 1991, Rick James and his girlfriend allegedly held a woman hostage at their home. In addition to making her smoke crack, they forced her to perform sexual acts against her will. This is such a horrible instance of violence against women and a truly disturbing account - I had to check multiple sources to make sure this was actually real.

10. Big Lurch Arrested For Eating His Girlfriend

Back in 2002 when people were actually doing PCP, and a ton of horror stories were coming out about it, rapper Big Lurch, AKA Antron Singleton, was arrested for eating parts of his girlfriend. The rapper was apparently on PCP and thought the devil was inside her, therefore necessitating killing her to get the devil out. Big Lurch was sentenced to life in prison, and his rap career came to an abrupt end.

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