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Banksy sat down with Run The Jewels to talk about life, music, and first impressions, and found out why Killer Mike loves Six Flags.

Run The Jewels, the collective effort of Killer Mike and El-P, were recently invited by Banksy to perform at his "bemusement park" art instillation, Dismaland. The dystopian theme park, located in Weston-super-Mare, UK, features wasteland-esque pieces by a selected group of artists, creating, as the park's flyer states, "The UK's Most Disappointing New Visitor Attraction." Taking very obvious stabs at the excess of Disney, the park is Banksy at his most, well, Banksy.


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The instillation will last through September 27th and have a handful of musical guests on select nights. Besides Run The Jewels, attendees can also catch the likes of Massive Attack and Pussy Riot, all while attending the most miserable place on earth. Recently, the notoriously private Banksy took the time to sit down and talk with Run The Jewels.

When asked about playing in a theme park, Killer Mike says that playing at Six Flags Over Atlanta is on his bucket list, and shares a story about why the park holds a special place in his heart:

"They used to have a teen nightclub called Graffiti’s. I was there when I was a kid and that’s where I heard dope music and danced with girls from the suburbs after we snuck in."

Banksy admitted to getting teary eyed after seeing a clip of Killer Mike's speech at a St. Louis show, after the death of Michael Brown. After asking Killer Mike and El-P about the last thing they cried over online, El-P showed his softer side:

"When the two guys raised the lion and then set the lion free but they missed the lion and they visited it in Africa and the lion was now king of his tribe and had a wife and children but he recognized the two guys and ran up and hugged them and licked their faces. I wept like a baby."

Perhaps in an effort to stir up some new beef, Banksy also asked the guys about Kanye West and his claims of being a rockstar. While the duo did not deny Kanye's star power, Killer Mike quickly turned his attention to Rihanna, calling her, "the new Tupac, in feminist form."

Banksy said he loves to ask artists if they would rather be known as a great artist or a nice person. El-P stated: "In my life I try to leave the people I encounter with the feeling that they have been respected and treated with warmth and appreciation. But being that my career is in the public and my personal relationships are ultimately private, I suppose, for the sake of the question, being considered a great artist publicly means a bit more than being considered a nice guy publicly. Although I like to think I am thought of in that way."

"I cannot lie: as good as it feels to get my deserved props, the best part of reading social media after I meet folks is reading: “Mike was a nice guy,” Killer Mike added. "I believe being honorable lasts longer than rapping good."

Check out the entire interview here.

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