Posted Aug 2nd, 2015 (3:04 pm) by Jess Marsh
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Unknown Mortal Orchestra's latest video creatively blends Indian mythology, while making not-so-subtle hints at polyamory.

"Ur Life One Night" is a fun, upbeat track, oozing with pop sensibilities, while still clinging tight to the psychedelic influence Unknown Mortal Orchestra is known for. The storybook-like style of the video heavily references vibrant Indian mythology, coupling the imagery with whimsical, quirky moments. At the same time, the fantasy driven video provides an intriguing background for a nod to polyamory, eliminating the negative stigma typically portrayed in popular culture.

The video portrays two men competing for the attention of a goddess. But rather than display epic, violent battles proving their worthiness, "Ur Life One Night" takes a different angle, and shows the men worshiping the goddess both separately, and together. The video is the latest single off of Unknown Mortal Orchestra's album Multi-Love, which heavily references a polyamorous triad, thematically. The two men vying for the attention of the goddess, both complements those concepts, and challenges the overused "love triangle" cliché. Since many only know polyamory as the subject of shock-value reality shows, or a relic of the "Free Love" era gone by, Unknown Mortal Orchestra could potentially make strides for the modern polyamorous community. "Ur Life One Night" is a positive representation of the practice, which helps to normalize polyamory as a legitimate relationship, rather than a punchline.

"Ur Life One Night" pays respectful homage to Indian Culture, refusing to fall back on harmful stereotypes, yet still allows for a progressive overarching theme. It is fascinating to see artists push boundaries in a fun, creative way, like Unknown Mortal Orchestra have with "Ur Life One Night." Watch it for yourself, below.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra is currently touring the Western United States, before setting out on a European tour, and a handful of festival dates.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra Summer/Fall 2015 Tour Dates

Jul/31 Denver,CO Bluebird Theater
Aug/01 Santa Fe,NM Santa Fe Reporter Block Party1
Aug/02 Phoenix,AZ Crescent Ballroom
Aug/01 Tuscon,AZ Club Congress 1
Aug/05 San Diego,CA The Casbah Sold Out
Aug/06 Los Angeles,CA The Roxy Sold Out
Aug/08 San Francisco,CA Outside Lands
Aug/23 Los Angeles,CA FYF Festival

1 = w/Vinyl Williams

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