Posted Aug 25th, 2015 (2:15 pm) by Jess Marsh
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Maybe the $20 cancellation fee is what they meant by, "Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap."

As high-profile scumbags like Josh Duggar continue to have their lives ruined by the Ashley Madison hacker scandal, classic rock icons AC/DC have found themselves involved in the center of the controversy.

In a press conference, journalists in Toronto were confused when handed sheets containing lyrics to the the band's 1990 hit "Thunderstruck." Apparently, as part of the hack, the song played whenever Ashley Madison employees logged into the site. The hit song's lyrics reference the fallout of a wild night with some kind ladies in Texas. Fitting, considering the fact that the hackers, known only as The Impact Team, crashed the internet equivalent of an ongoing sleazy night out.

Using songs to troll people with unsavory interests and agendas is nothing new. Just last week, the Foo Fighters used the Trolling National Anthem as a weapon against The Westboro Baptist Church. While AC/DC has no known involvement with the hacking group, who currently have a $500,000 bounty on their head(s), the fact that one of their most iconic songs has been attached to the latest round of internet vigilantism is worth applauding.

That line about "shaking at the knees" takes on a whole new meaning when the looming threat of exposing cheaters is overhead. Do you think it shakes them all night long? Either way, site users seem to have a long road ahead of them on the highway to hell.

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