Posted Aug 17th, 2015 (4:01 pm) by Jess Marsh
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Before the Drake/Meek beef rocked the hip-hip world, there was Diddy/Drake drama that we still don't understand.

In an interview with radio show The Breakfast Club, Diddy took to the airwaves to clear the air about his past beef with Drake. There to promote his new single "Finna Get Loose," featuring Pharrell, the conversation turned to the confrontation that occurred over the beat to Drake's "O to 100," late last year.

Diddy clarifies that he did not lay hands on Drake back in December of 2014, as was once rumored. Earlier that year, Diddy called out Drake during a show in Miami. Playing the beat in question, Diddy claims Drake stole it from him, and urges fans to "get this on tape," as seen in the video below.

Now Diddy is saying there was a major miscommunication over the use of the beat from the very beginning. Allegedly, both Diddy and Drake were working with the same producers, around the same time. The song was apparently sent from Diddy to Drake, for Drake to ghostwrite on. This is a little confusing, considering all of the drama surrounding the accusations of Drake utilizing a ghostwriter, but Diddy goes on to say that Drake is "...actually his favorite rapper as far as songwriting and albums..." and that it has "...been that way for a number of years."

Diddy, despite publicly accusing Drake of stealing his beat, and allegedly beating him up for it, is now coming forward to say that he's a huge fan, and that it was all a big misunderstanding. Is Diddy trying to make amends and be the bigger person, or is he just trying to get his name attached to "Hip Hip Beef-a-thon 2015?" Check out the full interview below.

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