Posted Aug 26th, 2015 (5:36 pm) by Jess Marsh

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It may be the end of August, but GRiZ is keeping summertime alive.

Chill vibes are aplenty on GRiZ's new track, "Feelin' High," an electric soul instrumental that makes you wonder why you're not parked at the beach, lighting up already. GRiZ describes the track as a tribute to the song "2000 Seasons" by Reflection Eternal, and it features a trumpet solo from Eric Bloom along with a sample from Erykah Badu.

Combine that with the classic hip-hop drums and "Feelin' High" becomes a fun, relaxed track, comprised entirely of elements from the past. All that is old is new again. The end product is as sexy as it is calming - it would be just as at home in a smokey bar as it would beach side.

The track is a bit of a departure from GRiZ's back catalog, which typically oozes with energy and vibrancy. This doesn't mean "Feelin' High" is lacking for any reason, if anything, it shows his development as a maturing, versatile musician. GRiZ's last album, Say It Loud, was a genre-bending journey in and of itself. "Feelin' High" takes that adventurousness just a step further.

However, it is Eric Bloom's trumpet work that really drives the track into new territory. The choice to feature a professional trumpet player, rather than sample an existing recording from decades ago, is a refreshing one. It gives the entire track a more intimate, soulful ambiance, something a lot of producers ignore when writing instrumentals.

A wealth of potential exists for GRiZ if he chooses to explore this direction further. Citing "the early hip-hop" movement as inspiration for "Feelin' High," who knows what GRiZ has up his sleeve for future tracks. This one, however, sets the perfect mood for the present. Relax and live in it.

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