Posted Aug 17th, 2015 (12:04 pm) by Jess Marsh
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If Dave Grohl keeps this up, his side gig as a everyone's hero might start to interfere with his day job.

It is no rare occasion for Foo Fighters to bring their fans on stage. Just last week, the band invited an audience member to perform a cover of Rush's "Tom Sawyer." Back in June, they had an eight year old boy to help them out with "Times Like These."

However, last night's Foo Fighters show in Denver may have very well been the most endearing fan call-out yet. During a stripped-down, acoustic performance of "My Hero," Dave Grohl, still performing in crutches after breaking his leg in June, begins to address the audience mid-song, with a heartfelt speech.

As he starts to speak, he locks eyes with an incredibly inebriated man, who was crying his eyes out. Grohl calls the man out, saying:

"Don’t cry motherfucker, I know you’re drunk, don’t cry. Are you crying right now? You’re fucking crying aren’t you? I love you man, look at you, holy shit. You know what, fuck that speech I was just going to make, I’m singing this shit to you right now. I’m gonna sing this fucking song right in your face, man to man, prison style, I’m going man to man. Me and you, I want some real tears, you better sing it with me. Don’t make me cry, because I promised I wouldn’t do this."

Grohl then encourages the highly emotional fan to come to the front, then finally decides to bring the man on stage. The waterworks continue as Grohl gets the entire audience to sing the song in unison. In the end, the lucky, wasted fan and Grohl end up sharing vocal duties.

While the guy will probably feel a bit embarrassed after finding out his drunken antics were captured by a fellow concertgoer, he will have one hell of a story to tell about "that one time he got really drunk while seeing Foo Fighters, and started crying, and Dave Grohl made him get on stage and get over it." Luckily, if no one believes him, there's plenty of footage on the internet.

In an age of high-priced, rushed VIP "meet and greets," and bloated security around successful artists, it is incredibly refreshing to see one of the biggest rock bands in the world get up-close and personal with a fan. Sure, they might have been mildly laughing at his expense, but that very drunk fan likely still had the night of his life. Stay classy, Foo Fighters. A lot of acts could learn a thing or two from you guys.

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